What we do

Acquiring and extending skills

We run various courses on Sign Language and Visual Learning. The courses cater to all levels and all purposes. We offer regular course packages and tailor-made courses fit for purpose.

Blended learning

Linear learning (step-by-step and live, individual or in groups, with a qualified teacher) is combined with digital technology. This means that your time is always well spent. You are free to choose when, how and the extent to which you want to use the digital options. How deeply you delve into the subject is up to you. All our courses are very approachable and accessible for any interested group.

An ecological approach

It is important for parents of deaf and hearing impaired children to know that we offer wide-ranging courses. Parents must be able to immediately put what they learn into practice at home to great effect. This helps the children to work on their language development uninterrupted. Many parents strive to close the gap between Sign Language and written/spoken language. They want to know the important elements in Sign Language that express thoughts and emotions and need to know Sign Language grammar and develop the ability to communicate as fluently as possible.

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

All the materials are reputable and certified according to the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR for Sign Languages is published by the Council of Europe. Sign Language can be learned from beginners level (A1) to advanced and independent (B2) to skilled language user (C2).

Visual learning

In the areas of comprehension, understanding, sign production and interaction.


We have a wide selection of educational films. They include lexicon, sentence structure and Sign Language stories.

Join our network!

Through our website, Sign Language teachers around the world can draw on a central knowledge bank. Ideas for lessons for parents from all over the world are collated here and are shared. There are also MOOCs on the didactics of Sign Language for parents as a specific target group.